About GSN

only the best in natural ingredients.

At Garden State Naturals, we believe in providing effective products and ingredients derived from environmentally friendly, cruelty free and natural sources. Our journey began in 2007 as one of the first companies to offer natural ingredients to consumers looking to have better control over the ingredients used in their products and daily routines. As ingredient experts, we believe the best way to guarantee you have a successful product is to start with the ingredients themselves and what they do. Today, we pride ourselves on the knowledge of ingredients and how they contribute to the efficacy of a finished product, while maintaining our roots and using ingredients only from the most natural sources. We are committed to providing our customers with natural solutions to develop their own product lines and improve their daily routines with effective products.

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Due to the current situation, we are experiencing shipping delays from increased activity and limited staff. Please allow 2-3 weeks for order processing. Thank you for your understanding.