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About GSN


Garden State Naturals is a small facility in Northern New Jersey which supplies wholesome raw materials to spas and home soap and cosmetic formulators.


Our store opened in June 2007 and we are now proud to offer over fifty different raw materials to home craftspeople. If you're seeking premium raw ingredients for creating your own makeup, fragrances, skincare and massage products, you've come to the right place!

To find answers to your basic questions, check out our FAQ. We look forward to your questions and feedback. Please contact us with your bulk inquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Are these fair trade and sustainable products?

Yes! All of our materials are produced by sustainable development promoters in their countries of origin who deal fairly and openly with local communities. Fair market prices are paid directly to rural communities for the raw materials they gather which discourages them from selling trees to destructive lumber companies. All Brazilian products are sourced exclusively from non-timber regions of the Amazon Rainforest.

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Do you sell in larger quantities?

Yes! Please Contact us with your bulk inquiry. We generally maintain inventory of larger drums (up to 55 gallon) of oils and full pallets of butters, and can offer very competitive bulk prices. Garden State Naturals is also happy to refer you to our own suppliers if your needs exceed our capacity.

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I'm used to paying a lower price!

First, please make sure you are comparing apples to apples. All of our materials are filtered and refined highest-quality raw materials, and sourced only from reputable, secure, and ethical manufacturers. We are often presented with opportunities to buy material of lower quality or ethical standards and have chosen our suppliers carefully. Because we do not hop suppliers based on price, our customers get consistent quality year after year. If you still feel as though you can get an equivalent product at a lower price elsewhere, please let us know and we will try to beat it!

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Where do you ship to?

You, anywhere you live. We are capable of shipping anywhere on the planet. Please e-mail any special instructions or concerns you might have.

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Do you charge tax?

We are a registered vendor in the State of New Jersey. Orders shipped within New Jersey will have a 7% sales tax added to their subtotal. Please email us if you are exempt and will be using these materials for distribution or manufacture of consumer products.

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How do I pay for these? Is it secure?

Paypal.com handles all financial transactions for the Garden State Naturals store. No one at GSN has access to your credit card information. It is secure and convenient. Paypal is the Gold Standard for E-commerce and has the highest levels of security available. Feel secure ordering from our site. Please call or email to set up alternate methods of payment.

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Can I pick up my order?

We can regretfully not accomodate pickups for smaller orders at this time due to the time constraints of our staff. If you live close to Northern New Jersey and have a large bulk order, we can arrange local pickup.

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Are any of these pharmaceutical or food grade?

These are all 100% safe for consumption, but are not sold as such and hence do not carry National Formulary Food Grade certification paperwork. Many are produced in facilities which also handle food and are prepared under the same protocols as food-grade materials. Toxicological and irritancy data are available for some of our materials. Please let us know your application and we will help you with your requirements.

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How do you know your sources are ethical?

Garden State Naturals employees have personally audited our suppliers in Asia, South America, and Europe. We have verified their claims and rely upon global certifying and auditing authorities such as Ecocert, the Forest Stewardship Council, the USDA National Organic Program, and Transfair for ongoing monitoring.

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Are these materials 100% pure? Are there carrier oils?

Yes! We do not sell any blends or dilutions unless explicitly specified. Many (such as CO2 extracts) are much more concentrated than similiar products on the market.

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I work for a larger cosmetics formulator! Can your material be used commercially?

Yes! Please contact us! We are happy to work with corporate purchasing departments and will provide institutional and bulk discounts. Our staff can also assist with formulations and marketing strategies.

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Can you help me find a product not listed here?

Sure, let us know what you are looking for and how much, and we will likely be able to help you find it.

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Is Paypal the only way to pay?

Yes, at this time. Paypal is the gold standard in secure internet financial transactions and have been so for many years. Your credit information is secure with them and does not reach even Garden State Naturals' employees. You also do not need a paypal.com account to order here. When you check out, click on the option which says, "Don't have a paypal account?" and you can complete your order with any major credit card. We have processed hundreds of orders this way without incident. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

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